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SEO Services-Search Engine Optimization by KRAM INFO TECH
SEO INDIA We are based in the India . Have you ever wondered why all the time and effort spent on designing the perfect website never results in an increase in customers and revenue? Call us to discuss how we can bring customers to your website and keep them there!.
Get to the Top on Google with SEO Expert Services!

Are you invisible on the major search engines? Or going broke on Google Adwords? 84% of all users never make it past page two of Google's search results and 65% barely ever click on sponsored results. Getting to the top of the regular, organic search results is a make-or-break mission for your business.

Led by K.Muthukkumaran (Indian SEO Expert on google ) search engine ranking company, SEO EXPERT SERVICES, can get your site to the top of the major Search Engines. Paid by performance (to provide affordable SEO),we work long-term to continually improve your search engines position through website promotion campaigns.

SEO is configuring a website so that it has a chance to show up in a search result for a particular phrase and ideally on the first page. In other words it is a way of telling Yahoo, Google or MSN what we think our site is about. All search engines have a slightly different formula for how they determine these results. But in short, they look at different factors of each website page, rank them and then give those results to you.

Search engines are serious business, becoming some of the most powerful media on the planet. At KRAM we understand your plans are to get sales and be found. Simply request a quote, tell us for now just 5 phrases that describe your business and we will come back to you with a plan to achieve your goals.
Between 85% to 90% of all web site traffic comes from the search engines and directories.

Just because your site is listed in the search engines won’t mean that your customers can find it.

Only “search engine optimization and positioning” strategies that are designed to give the engines what they want and need in order to find your site among your competitors will fix this.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Possition
Search engine optimization and positioning is challenging at best. It’s not a simple matter of adding a few tags that contain your important keywords. It is an art-and a science-since its is applying creative techniques to an in-depth study of the search engines and directories.
KRAM is committed to meeting the search engine optimization & positioning needs of your web site and would love to propose a campaign plan just for you. Our goal will be to meet your seo needs thoroughly and professionally.

Quite simply on project completion your web site will be more accessible on the Internet in terms of Top rankings for specific keywords across the major search engines.

For a detailed quote specific to your site please complete the form below, tell us a little about yourself and what you would like to be famous for and we will come back with some great ideas and a monthly estimate.
Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services include:
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting services
  • Website Analysis Report' from Search Engine Optimszation (SEO)perspective
  • Search Engine Optimisation for targeted page rank and page listing
  • Competitor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activity Analysis
  • Suggestions for press releases and articles writing
  • Search Engine & Directories submission (including free and paid listings)
  • Search Engine Monitoring and reports
  • Ranking and web position reports
  • Website log reporting and traffic analysis
  • New content development
What are the benefits of Website SEO Promotion?
Website promotion is an online marketing solution for organisations who wish to maximise their online visibility. At SEO, we specialise in providing internet marketing strategies that offer our clients a much higher return on investment that traditional media advertising. The results are controlled and measurable, including the return on investment. Our results prove our strategies work.

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